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The top lounges in HCMC are the number one choice of Saigonese youngsters when they want some nightlife entertainment. At these places, you can enjoy delicious drinks, while vibing with the most trendy and upbeat music currently. So where are the best lounges in Saigon? Let’s find out in our review below.

Lounge is a type of food service business, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Lounge is a subtle combination between the excitement and bustle of nightclubs and the calm and gentleness of bars. At the lounge, customers feel comfortable but the atmosphere is not so deep as in bars. Lounges were originally areas for guests to sit and wait at airports or hotels. Later, the lounge gradually became a type of place to enjoy and relax with delicious foods and drinks loved by many. If you are looking for a place like this, check out the top lounges in HCMC below.

Oslo Club

Oslo is a perfect combination of nightclub and bar in Ho Chi Minh city. Coming here, you can both enjoy the music and taste the most delicious cocktails you can find in Saigon. That’s why Oslo is considered one of the top lounges in HCMC. The atmosphere of this place is really amazing. Anyone who sets foot at this place will say that.


The inner space of Oslo is quite small, but thanks to the smart design of connecting two floors, it doesn’t feel cramped at all. You can enjoy yourself with a nice glass of cocktail or liquor at the bar or you can dance to your heart's content on the dance floor. Due to vibes, Oslo is very much like a lounge, though it identifies itself as a nightclub. Maybe because of that, the music played here is usually upbeat and exciting music, like EDM or hip-hop. However, the top lounges in HCMC these days all play these music genres.




The drinks at Oslo are top of class. You can find the most expensive and rare bottles of wine sitting on the shelves at Oslo Club. This is because Oslo is the meeting point of celebrities, influencers or businessmen in Ho Chi Minh city. If you come across this place on weekend nights, you can find a line of supercars parking outside the club. That’s why Oslo is placed first on this list of the top lounges in HCMC.

Natrix Bar

Naming itself a bar, Natrix still shows characters of lounge where you can have a really good time. Firstly, you can find a really big and impressive bar in the middle of the place. This is where you can sit and enjoy very delicious and good-looking cocktails made by the best bartenders in the city. The bar is constructed into an infinity symbol. This unique design lets customers sit closer together, helping you make new friends easier. But that’s not all there is to Natrix Bar. This place also has a DJ table and a dance floor with superb lighting and sound system. It makes a perfect place for dancing and shaking all of your worries and tiredness out of your head. Dancing and drinking? Doesn’t that mean Natrix is more like a lounge to you?




The music at Natrix Bar is played in the open format. Every night here, you will experience a new style of music, ranging from upbeat tunes to acoustic harmonies. This makes Natrix an unique nightlife experience that you cannot find at any other top lounges in HCMC.

Epic Sky Lounge

As an emerging rookie in the nightlife empire in Saigon, Epic Sky Lounge impresses the elite with its unique dome architecture. The luxurious dome space at Epic was created exclusively by designers from Spain. Most especially, this wavy dome has the ability to change color with the light sensor mode according to the music.




Windy space with an open view overlooking the Saigon River will bring completely new experiences about the vibrant nightlife culture of the city. This Lounge has become a favorite destination of office workers, local elites, as well as tourists from all over the world every time they set foot in Saigon.

The entertainment space at Epic Sky Lounge is always "blown up" with high-class performances by top artists such as singer Hari Won, Bao Anh, Si Thanh, DJ King Lady, DJ KenC, and DJ Phat beatz… In addition, the hot, flamboyant choreography of the dancers will make stylish guys and girls have a sublime night of partying.

Blanchy's Lounge

Located in District 1, which is famous for the top lounges in HCMC. However, Blanchy's Lounge still leaves a distinct mark. That is created by the meticulousness in space construction and image design. Let's blend in the luxurious space that is an investment in light. Using many chandeliers and different colors, Blanchy's Lounge provides a light that is enough to see, still romantic but still with something rebellious, suitable for the atmosphere of this place.




Blanchy's Lounge is an ultra-chic cocktail bar and restaurant in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. Located right in District 1, the busiest and busiest place with a combination of many famous and vibrant bars and lounges, Blanchy's promises to bring you unique nightlife experiences. With a cast of famous artists and DJs and the ability to play top-notch music. The space is luxurious, youthful but no less modern. The services at Blanchy's will make diners really satisfied.

Sahara Bar & Lounge

If you are in need of a space just enough to date and chill with friends every night, Sahara Bar & Lounge is definitely the ideal choice. Sahara put on a cool look with dark gray tones. In contrast to the minimalist decor, Sahara Lounge's bar and wine bar are extremely eye-catching and also what impresses guests here.




When you come to Sahara Lounge, you will fully enjoy the sound and light party with the top underground artists in the country such as: Ha Nhi, Lava Band, Lil Wuyn… Sahara promises to become a new home for Hip Hop music lovers.

Mirage bar & lounge

A rooftop lounge in this list of the top lounges in HCMC, this lounge offers views of the Opera House, Turtle Lake and various locations in Saigon. The space inside the restaurant comes to a feeling of closeness but luxury, delicate in every detail of light and dark. Moreover, Mirage also owns an extremely poetic green garden with the arrangement of trees and crops.




Mirage bar & lounge has mostly European, Japanese and Vietnamese dishes. Impressed by cellular facts from display, processing, management in food sources and healthy diet. All of that is the first decision to be able to bring customers the most amazing food.

LYND Restaurant & Lounge

LYND Restaurant & Lounge is designed as a European castle in the heart of Saigon. When coming to LYND Restaurant, you not only enjoy delicious food but also enjoy a luxurious space like you’re traveling to Europe.




‘Magnificent Europe’ is the best word to describe the open space outside of this lounge. Built in classical architecture, with the interference of two Greek and French architectural flows, diners will feel that they are really lost in a romantic European country. This will be the perfect choice for enjoying a perfect dinner with your loved one amidst melodious tunes and sparkling lights.

Aura Saigon Bar

Located in District 1, Aura Saigon is a prominent Saigon lounge with unique design. The interior of the restaurant is luxurious and sophisticated, cleverly decorated in a spacious space to create the most comfort for customers.



Being heavily invested in sound and lighting systems, Aura Saigon brings a distinct and impressive sound color, ensuring the criteria of hearing and seeing for customers. Each DJ with a unique musical style and carefully invested performances will surely conquer all your senses.

A.C Lounge

Located in the heart of District 1, A.C Lounge is one of the oldest nightlife venues in Saigon. Although long but not old, A.C Lounge still has special charms to attract every customer when visiting, especially foreign guests. A.C Lounge is a name you definitely cannot ignore when exploring the top lounges in HCMC.




Considered as a typical example of nightlife culture in Saigon, A.C Lounge has the breath of a modern and individual club. Combined with neon lights and Manga-style animations, adding fun to the surroundings. This place is divided into three areas: Hiphop-lounge, Club, and Open-bar, to serve different needs and preferences for customers.



All the top clubs in HCMC with the best music, best drinks, and best atmosphere are mentioned in this article. We take suggestions from the nightlife community in HCMC, including locals and foreigners, to give you the best names possible. If you’re looking for a wild nightlife experience in Saigon, come to these places. They definitely won’t let you down.

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