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In this article, we will reveal who the top bars in HCMC are. These places are widely loved by both local and international bar enthusiasts living in Saigon. They have the most beautiful interior design, top-skilled bartenders, and maybe the best music performances you will ever enjoy in Ho Chi Minh city. So let’s find out who they are.

Natrix Bar

If you ask for the top-tier bar experience in Saigon, you should come to Natrix Bar. People agree that this is one of the most luxurious bars in the city. The look of this bar says it all. When you walk into this place, you will be astonished by the royal, luxury and high-class atmosphere of Natrix. You will find this bar a masterpiece of lights, looks, and decorations. Everything is of top quality including the bar, the seats, and the drinks. The dim golden light above the bar, which is placed in the middle of the room, reflecting on the glass and wooden furniture makes you feel like you’re in a castle.


Natrix Bar has the best bartenders in the city, confirmed by the awards they have acquired. The drinks (cocktails and mocktails) they make look amazing. They can be seen as a work of art. All the liquors in this bar are exported from overseas to guarantee the top quality. You can find the most extravagant and popular bottles on the shelf of Natrix. Yet, the prices at Natrix are very acceptable, according to true bar goers. Most glasses in this place cost less than three hundred Vietnam dongs.

The music at Natrix is also greatly invested. They often book foreign artists to come to Vietnam and perform at Natrix. Korean, Singaporean or Thai singers are usually found on the stage of Natrix Bar. Coming here, you can enjoy the best cocktails while vibing with ear-catching tunes in an amazing atmosphere. 

Oslo Club

Among the top bar SaiGon, it is said that Oslo is the most fun. So if you’re looking for an exciting night out with friends, Oslo is the place to come. The atmosphere in this place is always full of energy and excitement. The reason for this incredible vibe of Oslo may come from the music and lighting of this place. Oslo club never holds back when it comes to performers. They book the top names from other countries to come perform at this club. For example, when they first opened, Oslo Club invited singer Lil’ Pump all the way from the USA to impress party goers in Vietnam. This bar has long been recognized as the hotspot for the wildest parties in the city.


On the other hand, Oslo Club still shows the very essence of a great bar, which is the drink. You can find the top-quality liquors at Oslo. They constantly bring home the most famous brands in whiskey, champagne, cognac, vodka, and tequila… in order to meet the requirements of the most elite customers. Yes, Oslo Club is where celebrities, businessmen, or influencers go to party in Ho Chi Minh city. You can find an impressive line of supercars in front of this place every weekend night. Therefore, if you’re ready for the best nightlife experience in Saigon, you should come to Oslo Club to have fun. Remember to book a table in advance because this place is super crowded, especially at weekends.

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Saigon Cocktails

This is a bar with a prime location close to district 1 with an impressive space, because this is a bar that talks about a movie enthusiast and his soul is always scattered. The menu not only sells alcohol, but also sells food for you to snack. A plus point is that the bar has a menu in the tablet that includes detailed images for customers to easily visualize the dish to order.

saigon cocktail bar

Wine and food are both attractively decorated, and taste quite good. You can rest assured that if you can't drink alcohol, at Saigon Cocktails, there will still be Mocktails with many unique flavors for you. I recommend you try a glass of Coco beach. This is the number one choice with the fresh blue color of the beach accompanied by sweet and sour taste and a little chill music, then this is true love.

There are also music nights for us to enjoy, drop our souls into those tunes… Note that you should book a table to ensure a seat before coming to you. All the top bars in HCMC are obviously crowded on the weekends.

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419. Bar

419. Bar is a bar hidden in an alley in District 1 with Japanese style. From the outside, the entrance is decorated with cherry blossom country style and a wall depicting images of the famous anime movie. The bar has 2 zones. Below is a bar for guests to go alone or a few people will sit here. If you go in groups, you can go upstairs for more room.


Not only serving drinks, but 419. Bar also sells food, so the upstairs space will be slightly more inclined towards the bar. The menu is very diverse and affordable, from Japanese to Vietnamese dishes. The space is very cozy. However, this bar only has one bartender, so when it's crowded, please wait a bit.


Helping you immerse yourself in deep melodies, SORA is the bar of interesting music nights or games organized by the bar. The space of the place brings an unforgettable mysterious feeling. The menu is rich with wines from low alcohol to 10 glasses for people who are not drunk. You can try a glass of Bailey's pleasant sweetness and attractive aroma of milk cream and cocoa is a good choice.


At SORA, you will be able to soothe your soul and relieve all the stress out there. There's too much clutter out there, today you'll ignore life. Let's chill with a glass of wine and everything will be fine. You should book a table in advance to get the right seats and follow the music night schedule on the fanpage.

Manfolk Bar

Classic retro style, Manfolk is a super bar suitable for tired days. Here, we shake off all the negativity to immerse ourselves in this peaceful space. The place includes a coffee bar in the morning for those who love to relax gently in the early morning, starting a new day. Or you can erase all your worries with the cocktail bar in the evening.


The menu has many unique and eye-catching drinks. You can try a signature glass of Rum base combined with Pineapple Ginseng tea, which is made by Cold Brew method and many other ingredients. The signature “Boy Become Man” cocktail will take you on a journey from sweet to fat, and finally to mildly sour.

The acoustic music nights with different themes here will definitely make you have an unforgettable experience. If you suddenly feel overwhelmed today, come here. A cocktail and a song will help you put your heart in order.

ION - Taste Music

Coming to ION - Taste Music ensures all your emotions will explode in an extremely chill music space. Although the bar is not too big, it still has enough space to gather friends and rock with a great sound system. If you don't like to sit inside, you can choose to sit outside to watch the city at night, ION - Taste Music has a view overlooking Bitexco that deserves 5 stars.


Drinks at the bar are mainly cocktails, of course there will still be other types of beer and wine. In addition, the restaurant also serves dishes from appetizers to main dishes such as grilled crab with BBQ sauce, salmon salad, beef stew with wine... all beautifully decorated and delicious. Just rocking and being charged with energy like this, there's nothing like it.

DAM's Cocktail Bar

Final place in the top bars in HCMC, DAM's Cocktail Bar is a bar with twinkling lights and a romantic space that is quite suitable for dating. There are quite a few beautiful corners here, so the photography enthusiasts must definitely come right away.


Menus from healthy drinks to strong drinks are available. If you are a person who likes to drink cocktails but still want to be healthy and beautiful, you should try the vegetable smoothie cocktail. Make sure it's healthy and delicious. At DAM's Cocktail Bar, there is an interesting point that every day there will be discount events for customers here.


This article is dedicated to those who are looking for a nice place to enjoy a delicious drink at night in Saigon. With these top bars in HCMC that Topchuyengia introduced above, you can have a night of your life. The music, the drinks, and the people of these places can show you the best that Saigon has to offer. This city is the number one entertainment hotspot in Vietnam so you know you will have the best of fun here.

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