Top Thailand private tour guides for an exclusive experience

Top Thailand private tour guides for an exclusive experience
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Top Thailand private tour guides for an exclusive experience

The best Thailand private tour guides will satisfy your wanderlust and inspire travel to the most spiritual country - Thailand. Private tour guide service is becoming a hot trend which can clear all your language barrier to exploring freely and brings more benefits than travel by tour or self-sufficiency. Keep reading to explore all the best tour guides from Topchuyengia suggestions that can bring you exclusive travel experiences. 

Why should you have a private guide?

Communicating easily

Many people want to travel to Thailand but hesitate because they can’t speak Thai or English either. Communication becomes an invisible obstruction, and knowing none of these 2 languages would make them get lost easily and be charged more money. Having a 1:1 guide will help you remove these barriers and other potential risks when traveling on your own.


Detailed planning

Private Thailand tour guides can also make detailed itineraries, so you don't miss out on famous places to visit in the country. You will no longer feel strange, and confused because you do not know where to go, what to eat, where is the most fun to play in Thailand. In addition, the tour guide service will be an ideal choice if you want to travel with a family, because at this time you will save a lot of unnecessary costs, avoid being overcharged or scammed. 


thailand travel tour guide


Time-saving, helping you get to where you want to go 

If you go on a tour, you will have to follow the group's schedule, and in many cases, the place will not be exactly what you want. Private guides will save you time as they will take you to places that suit your personal preferences better. You will be free to explore, and there is no need to confine yourself to the tour schedule.


Knowing more about the unique culture

Not all attractions are included in the tour or widely introduced to the masses. There are some places where only locals or guides are proficient or allowed to visit. With the 1:1 guide service, you will no longer be restricted but will be free to visit many unique places, and get to know more unique cultures or festivals. 

You can hire a Thai guide who knows Vietnamese or Vietnamese who knows Thai. They are all knowledgeable about the local culture, and able to translate, schedule exploring trips based on your interests, budget and time.



Top Vietnamese tour guides in Thailand

Lee Nguyen

Mr. Lee Nguyen is a Vietnamese guide living and working in Thailand. With more than 12 years of experience in the profession, he has successfully led many tour groups throughout Thailand, from Bangkok, Pattaya to Phuket, Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi, the ancient capital of Ayutthaya,...


Lee Nguyen's strength is that he is well-informed about Thailand's landscapes and Buddhist rich traditions. He can help you discover places where there are unique cultural festivals that not everyone knows. He can take you around the beautiful corners of Thailand. In addition, he is also capable of handling very well situations that arise during the journey.
Mr. Le Nguyen's profile is now available on the Askany expert connection application, you can click here to see more customer reviews about his experiences with Mr. Lee Nguyen.


Contact Zalo: 0908460508


thailand travel tour guide

Hoang Thien Nga

Hoang Thien Nga is one of the most popular Thai guides today. She is working at Saigon Times Travel. Thien Nga is highly appreciated for its pretty appearance, professional and friendly working style, and for its extensive knowledge of culture in all localities in Thailand.

Thien Nga has more than 5 years of experience as a tour guide, she can schedule tours according to the individual requirements of customers. In addition, she is capable of taking care of visa services and booking airline tickets and luxury hotels in Thailand at the most favorable prices for customers. Do not hesitate to contact her here for the most detailed advice!


Contact Zalo: 0932157820

Thai tour guide knows Vietnamese

Mr On Pravat

Mr On Pravat is working as a guide at Destination Services Bangkok - one of the largest travel agencies in Thailand. He has more than 15 years of experience as a tour guide for groups and self-sufficient tourists from many countries around the world.


Mr On Pravat is cooperating with many famous travel companies in Vietnam such as Saigon Times Travel, and Vietravel,... He can lead you to visit special places, areas constructed by the Royal Family that not everyone can enter.

Mr On Pravat can communicate fluently in both English and Vietnamese. He is famous as a private Thailand tour guide for customers who come to Thailand for the purpose of cosmetic and beauty treatments at the best hospitals in Thailand. If you need to contact Mr On Pravat, you can connect via the Askany app for the fastest advice.

Contact Zalo: 0906723398

Ms. Xong Prem

Ms. Xong Prem is also a name known to many Vietnamese tourists. She is a tour guide with more than 8 years of experience. She currently lives in Pattaya and works for NTIC Tours based in Bangkok.


Ms. Xong Prem has the ability to act as a guide for both groups and self-sufficient guests. She mastered famous attractions in many beautiful cities of Thailand such as Chiang Mai, Krabi, Chiang Rai, and Phuket. The discovery itineraries arranged by Ms. Xong Prem always make customers happy and excited because of the uniqueness of the experience journey. Ms. Xong Prem's profile is available on the Askany connection application, you can click to see her featured tours immediately.


Contact Zalo: 0927131066

How much does it cost to hire a private guide?

The rental price of a private guide will depend on many factors such as the time of hire, the prestige, and professionalism of the guide, the travel schedule you want, etc. Usually, the rental price will range from 50 - 100$ a day. The rental price will not include expenses such as hotel, plane, travel, meals and tips for the guide. Normally, the private tour guide's working time is from 6:30 to 19:30 every day, if you need to have more time going around, you need to pay an overtime fee.


thailand travel tour guide


Above is a list of Thailand private tour guides that you can hire separately for your journey and your family. They can assist with everything from booking flights, and hotels, to scheduling visits to famous places, and unique festivals in Thailand. You can immediately contact these guides through Askany application for direct advice or reference, and compare prices to make the best choices for your trip.

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